And most of all, assorted comments from our valued customers (with kind permission)

Takumi K70 Generation 2 is like flamboyant fireworks sparkling with total freedom to deliver a colorful message.

And the difference between K70-G1 and K70-G2 is not subtle. The demo between balance operation bypassing input transformer and non-balance operation was poisoning. The character of the amp has become much more dynamically expressive. Control is excellent and driving power of the lower mid range is obviously stronger. How can I not upgrade to the G2? though the first Takumi is already such a masterpiece. Martin Collin's review is such a good read.

I have something to say about the K10. In my 2 decade long of experience of an audiophile, I always dream of using mega pricey preamp such as Boulder 2010 and FM268. The Wavac PR-T1 has served well so well in the past almost 4 years is now the time for retirement after comparing it extensively with the K10. A friend of mine lives in the Beijing metro area brought along his FM255mk2 to compare. In return, I also brought my K10 to his home to compare. The conclusion is he decided to order a K10.

The K10 blows away the PR-T1! The resolution is incredible. Speed is tremendous. The snap of the music is reproduced with outstanding transients capability. Yet, the tonality is very beautiful. It is easy to be engaged by the K10. Extremely poisonous!

Once again, I wish to iterate that I am stunned by the performance of this new breed by Robert Koda. He came to HK and listened to Syren Black Label pairing with K70 for a few hours and then come back in a year's time now with such a marvelous preamp!

I have been a Shindo advocate for quite some years and I am very used to its distinguished sound. Now, K-10 and K-70 transform the world of my music.

This Takumi K-70 amplifier by Robert Koda is really a piece of art. The sound is extremely engaging. Control of bass is excellent. I have never heard such sound quality from my Wilson Sasha.

Sitting here listening to Robert's 'Takumi' what a superb amp, my Alpha's have never sounded so wonderful, a really terrific product, I know now why you guys like them so much!

My old amps though served me well but Takumi just tell me how much I missed.

Takumi can really do a great job in balancing the control and easiness of the sound it produces across the entire frequency range, pairing with Tidal Preos, this power amp is performing really like a flagship US air fighter punching down, surging up with extreme control but effortless!!

tonality and vividness of a superb tube amplification like DaVinci and has the speed and control of an outstanding SS amp like Tidal. Rather than shedding doubt on such hybrid design, my laymen impression on this amp is that it can leverage the strength of both camps with a seamless integration of the two technologies into one physical box (in fact 3 boxes).

Takumi’s delivery of music can be best described as resourceful. It has the energy and control to drive the 16” drivers of the Cessaro to operate as and when the original recording demands and yet it does not over energize or put emphasis on any part of the music in order to make the amplification ear catching and implanted in mind a kind of signature sound. It can produces big holistic soundstage with very solid and context rich images. When we listened to Beyond Live Concert, I felt like sitting on Row 10 in Hung Hom Stadium with 30K audience surrounding me.